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Watch Brave Online Free Movie

This movie was great. I love tangled and I had heard a rumor that Disney would no longer be producing Princesses. I was devastated. Then when i hear about Brave i was so excited!! This movie was great! It's a little scary at times, most of the little kids cried once or twice and i was a little scared at times myself! But the trailers for the movie don't do it justice! It's about a lot more than a girl's struggle for freedom for her responsibilities as a queen and other kingdomly duties. Its chuck full of adventure and it's very funny! It is definitely family friendly, be just be warned your little ones may get scared. In my theater a little boy screamed just about every time anything loud happened. A MUST SEE for any Disney fan!!


Watch Brave Online Free is a different sort of movie than many were expecting. More focused on a single pair and their quest together, not to mention darker by far, the story of Merida was a leap of faith for the once small studio. Many will have their doubts, left wanting another heart wrenching love story from Up or creative take on a beat to death genre like The Incredibles. That was never the purpose. Just as with every one of their award-winning films (Cars 2 notwithstanding), a new movie means a new chapter, new story and new style of film.



Watch Brave Online Free